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    Technical Data Sheets

    Many of our technical data sheets are available for you to download.

    If you are unable to locate the specific product information you require please contact us.

    18662 – Phenolformaldehyde Lac ThinnerDownload
    18802 – Cellulose ThinnerDownload
    19335 – Air Drying Clear Cellulose LacquerDownload
    2 Pack Low VOC Epoxy PrimerDownload
    26399 – Waterbased Polyurethane LacquerDownload
    27524 (previously 18683) – Red Akard Def Stan 80-92/2 30%Download
    300-100-001 – Rockhard EF Paint StripperDownload
    30000 Range – Air Drying Cellulose FinishDownload
    32000 Series – 32xxx – Primer, Undercoat and Topcoat variantsDownload
    33000 Range – 1 Pack Acrylics for PlasticsDownload
    36000 Series – Epoxy Modified Stoving Finishes; Standard and Low Friction GradesDownload
    37000 Series – Industrial 2 Pack Acrylic Clear LacquersDownload
    38-xxxx Range – Low Temperature Stoving Finishes; PG6/23 CompliantDownload
    40006 – Quality Gunwash for Aerospace CoatingsDownload
    42000 Range – 42XXX Topcoat RangeDownload
    426500 – Two Part Epoxy Anti-Corrosive PrimerDownload
    47200 – Waterbased 2 Pack Polyurethane LacquerDownload
    50714 A & B – 2 Pack Epoxy Low VOC Chromate Free Anti-Corrosive PrimerDownload
    51003-R1/51006 – Ultra Violet Cure Clear HardcoatsDownload
    53000 Range – 2 Pack Low VOC Epoxy FinishesDownload
    56336 – Dark Oak L/F StainDownload
    576-450-002 – Rockhard Clear Stoving Enamel & Microporus Casting SealerDownload
    576-450-002-R1 – Rockhard Stoving Enamel ClearDownload
    576-R1-RM001 – Laboratory Test reportDownload
    60000 Range – 2 Component Water Based Epoxy FinishesDownload
    614-150-002-R1 – Rockhard Gloss Black Stoving EnamelDownload
    615-155-001 – Rockhard Stoving Matt Black Epoxy CoatingDownload
    650 Range – High Temperature Marking PaintsDownload
    665-550-025 – Rockhard ThinnerDownload
    690-152-004 – Rockhard Stoving Gloss Grey DTD56D. ABP 4-2Download
    690-450-005 – Rockhard Green Tinted Epoxy Stoving EnamelDownload
    700-155-003 – Rockhard Chromate PrimerDownload
    700-155-005 – Rockhard Two Pack Epoxy Matt BlackDownload
    750-152-009 – Rockhard Two Pack Epoxy Gloss BlackDownload
    750-450-004 – Rockhard Two Pack Clear Epoxy GlossDownload
    985 000 693,4,5,6 – Rockhard Stoving EnamelDownload
    985-111-800 – Rockhard Clear Stoving Enamel & Microporous Casting SealerDownload
    985-111-901,2,3 – Rockhard Epoxy Stoving Enamel – BlackDownload
    Acetone – Acetone ThinnerDownload
    Adiprene-LW-520 / Ethacure 100 – Erosion Resistant CoatingDownload
    ADP01,4 – QAD Primers (Quick Air Drying Primer)Download
    Anti-Corrosive High Solids Low VOC 2 pk Epoxy PrimerDownload
    Autosport Brochure – English BrochureDownload
    Brass Lacquers – English BrochureDownload
    Butyl Acetate – BSS551-1965 – n.Butyl AcetateDownload
    CFIPAL Chrome free Diffusion CoatingDownload
    CLP A2 CHEMS – English BrochureDownload
    Coating Systems For Composites – English BrochureDownload
    Colour Card – English BrochureDownload
    Colour Therm – English BrochureDownload
    Cr Replacement – English BrochureDownload
    CTIP180 Thermal indicating paint often used in Refinery / ReactorsDownload
    Def Stan 80-225 IPLV RangeDownload
    DEF80-123-6500 – Grey 2 Pack Low VOC Epoxy Chrome Free Anti-Corrosive PrimerDownload
    DOW 1 – Acid Chromate BathDownload
    DOW 19 – Chromate Touch Up SolutionDownload
    EM-16-A – Electrolytic Marketing InkDownload
    EPWA27 (PX/HX443D) – Abradable Attrition CoatingsDownload
    Fluorescent Coating SchemeDownload
    Heat and Corrosion Identification PaintDownload
    High Performance Paints – English BrochureDownload
    Incralac Protective Lacquer for Non Ferrous Metals; Brass & CopperDownload
    IP-1265 – Intumescent Ceramic CoatingDownload
    IP-714-A/ IP-714-2-A – 2 Pack Low VOC Epoxy Chrome Free Anti-Corrosive PrimerDownload
    IP-715 – 2pk Epoxy Low VOC Aluminium FinishDownload
    IP-MEG-REDUCER – Thinner/Reducer for Primers and TopcoatsDownload
    IP-STAT6-BLACK – 2 Pack Polyurethane Conductive Coating BlackDownload
    IP1041 – IPAL Diffusion CoatingDownload
    IP150-150C 300F Cure Range – Stoving Finish Low Cure Chrome Free Primer and Semi-Matt TopcoatsDownload
    IP150-9002 – Stoving Finish Semi-Matt BlackDownload
    IP1692 – Luminous coating schemeDownload
    IP1757-R1 – Air Drying Corrosion Inhibiting PrimerDownload
    IP1897 Chemical Resistant Intumescent PaintDownload
    IP1977 – 2 Pack Epoxy Anti-Slip Floor Paint Matt BlackDownload
    IP2066 – Air Dry Red Oxide Anti-Corrosive PrimerDownload
    IP2376-001 – Smoothseal A/D Touch UpDownload
    IP2476 – Graphite Conductive CoatingDownload
    IP2878 Range – Self-Phosphating Coating for MetalsDownload
    IP2902TM – High Temperature Ceramic Bonding AgentDownload
    IP3 Range PdfDownload
    IP3-00015 Series – 2 Pack Low VOC Epoxy Primer-SurfacersDownload
    IP3-00015 Series – Low VOC 2pk Epoxy Primer SurfacerDownload
    IP3-6362 – 2 Pack Low VOC Epoxy Strontium Chromate Anti Corrosive PrimerDownload
    IP3-6500-6600-6700 2 Pack Low VOC Chromate Free Anti-Corrosive PrimerDownload
    IP3-Range – 2 Pack Low VOC Epoxy Finishing Systems – Mixing RatiosDownload
    IP3-REDUCER – Thinner for IP3 Primers/PaintsDownload
    IP3-S-REDUCER – Thinner for IP3 Primers/PaintsDownload
    IP3-TDXL – Thinner for IP3 4853/4 Etch PrimerDownload
    IP3016 – Tungsten DiSulphide Dry Film LubricantDownload
    IP33 Range – Air Drying Acrylic Finishes; Selectively StrippableDownload
    IP37 Range/ IP-FR-37 Range – 2 Component Urethane Paints & LacquersDownload
    IP46-9000-H – Gloss Black Heat Resistant CoatingDownload
    IP46-LR2420 – A/D Heat Resist Ipcote 350 T/UpDownload
    IP5266 – Concentrated Stoving Phenolic MoS2 Dry Film LubricantDownload
    IP6 Range – Low VOC 2 Pack Polyurethane Finishes to BS2X34 A&B and MSRR 1006Download
    IP715-REDUCER – Thinner for IP714 / 715Download
    IP7420-RANGE – 2pk Epoxy PTFE Dry Film LubricantDownload
    IP7530-9002 – 2PK Epoxy PTFE Black Semi-MattDownload
    IP7800 Range – Heat Resistant CoatingDownload
    IP7985-Range – Anti-Corrosion Low Friction CoatingDownload
    IP8-1302 – Varnish-Electrical Insulating Brushing Fungicidal GradeDownload
    IP80-109 – Def 80-109 Air Dry Varnish RD 1177 for ArmamentsDownload
    IP80-126 – Air Drying Zinc Phosphate PrimerDownload
    IP80-152 Range – Stoving and Primer FinishesDownload
    IP80-158 – Polyurethane Erosion and UV Resistant CoatingDownload
    IP80-175 – Stoving Ammunition Varnish Varnish Def Stan 80-175 Class CDownload
    IP80-217 – Corrosion Preventive Compound PX-1 Def Stan 80-217 Nato C 614Download
    IP80-217 – Def Stan 80-217Download
    IP80-25 (09982) – Lead Free Stoving Ammunition LacquerDownload
    IP80-25-(Range) – Paint Ammunition Stoving Finish – Colour Range (Lead and Chromium free)Download
    IP80-27-THIN – Thinner for IP80-27, IP80-126 and IP80-175 RangesDownload
    IP80-44-6 – Shellac Lacquer 6%Download
    IP80-54 – General Service Gloss Finishing Paint Fuel Resistant – Low VOCDownload
    IP80-55 – Paint, Finishing for General Service, Cellulose Nitrate, Air Drying, Spraying to SpecificationDownload
    IP80-56-9003 – Issue 2 Stoving Matt Black Epoxy Finish Coat for Spraying Small ArmsDownload
    IP80-63 – General Purpose Gloss Clear VarnishDownload
    IP80-65-4460 – Paint, Finishing for Jerricans, StovingDownload
    IP80-9 – Paint, Aluminium, Flame Resisting, Air Drying – Brushing or SprayingDownload
    IP9029-R3 – High Heat Resistant Lead Free Stoving Aluminium – Toluene FreeDownload
    IP9036-PRIMER – High Temperature Air Drying Grey Anti-Corrosive PrimerDownload
    IP9036-RANGE – High Temperature Air Drying Anti-Corrosive FinishDownload
    IP9041 Base; IP9039 Catalyst; IP9038 Thinner – IP9042 Two Component Epoxy Clear Gloss KitDownload
    IP9064 RangeDownload
    IP9064-6362/IP9064-CAT – Two Part Epoxy Chromate Primer – BSX33Download
    IP9064-6500 – Two Part Epoxy Anti-Corrosive PrimerDownload
    IP9064-KHAKI – 2pk Epoxy Khaki SealcoatDownload
    IP9064-Range – 2 Pack Epoxy Coating SystemsDownload
    IP9064-Thin – Thinner for 2 Pack epoxyDownload
    IP9064/6362-CAT – Two Part Epoxy Chromate Primer – BS 2X33Download
    IP9134 – Aluminium Loaded Polyimide (PL165) MSRR 9134Download
    IP9136-R1 – Graphite Filled Skydrol Resistant Dry Film LubricantDownload
    IP9136-R3 – Graphite Filled Skydrol Resistant Dry Film LubricantDownload
    IP9138-R1 – Heat and Skydrol Resistant Air Drying AluminiumDownload
    IP9138-R1 – Heat and Skydrol Resistant Air Drying AluminiumDownload
    IP9151 – Thinner for 2 Pack epoxyDownload
    IP9158/ IP9180 A & B – Textron Lycoming Tow Pack Epoxy Engine Touch up PaintsDownload
    IP9166 -Rockhard Stoving EnamelDownload
    IP9168 A & B – Two Pack Epoxy Chromate Primer to DTD 5555Download
    IP9169/ 70/ 73/ 74 – Air Drying Aero Engine Touch up MaterialsDownload
    IP9183-R1 – IPCOTE High Heat Resistant Sacrificial Aluminium CoatingDownload
    IP9184 Ipseal RangeDownload
    IP9184-GREEN – Green Ipseal H/T Inorganic. Seal. MSRR9140Download
    IP9184-KH-R1 – Khaki Ipseal H/T Inorganic. Seal. MSRR9140Download
    IP9188-693-GREY – High Heat Erosion Coating Grey (693) MSRR9188Download
    IP9188-R2 – High Heat Erosion Coating White MSRR9188Download
    IP9189 A/B – Chemical Resistant Intumescent CoatingDownload
    IP9212 Kit (Eros 1) – Ready for use Elastomeric Erosion and UV Resistant CoatingDownload
    IP9253-R2 – Organic High Heat Resistant Sacrificial Aluminium CoatingDownload
    IP9356 – Thin Film High Heat Resistant Sacrificial Aluminium CoatingDownload
    IP9442 – Smoothcote – Smooth Surface Finish Sacrificial Aluminium CoatingDownload
    IP9444 – SmoothsealDownload
    IP9751 – Thread Lubricant for Ipcote RangeDownload
    IP985 Range – IP985 Heat Cured Epoxy Topcoat RangeDownload
    IP985-547 – Rockhard Stoving Varnish, Toluene Free GradeDownload
    IP985-6500 – Rockhard Chromate Free Anti-Corrosive PrimerDownload
    IP985-Range – Rockhard Range of Stoving ProductsDownload
    IP985-REDUCER – IP985 Range ReducerDownload
    Ipcote Application Guide – English BrochureDownload
    Ipcote Brochure Issue 2 – English BrochureDownload
    Ipcote RollersDownload
    IPRC21/ LR3279 – Permanent Resin coating for MagnesiumDownload
    IPSLIP IP 9286 – Low Friction CoatingDownload
    IPSTRIP-500 Gelled Paint StripperDownload
    ISO-PROPANOL – IsoPropanol – Thinner – SolventDownload
    K900 – Rockhard – Erosion Coating Light GreenDownload
    Low VOC 2 Component Specialist Sealant & Repair Systems for Non-Ferrous Metals and CompositesDownload
    MEK – Methyl Ethyl Ketone ThinnerDownload
    Metal Protective VarnishesDownload
    NML21 – Surface Inspection FluidDownload
    NML35 Part A &; B – 2 Part Low Temperature Curing Epoxy Sealant and AdhesiveDownload
    NML46 – Single Pack Thick Film Abradeable CoatingDownload
    NML52 – Primer Adhesive for Attrition CoatingsDownload
    NML76 – Low Temperature Curing Sealant and Adhesive Filled with Nylon FlockDownload
    Nuclear Industry – English BrochureDownload
    Phenol Formaldehyde Range of Stoving Type QX LacquersDownload
    Pitan Rust Remover – Concentrated IP3120Download
    PL106 – Red Acid Resistant Stop Off LacquerDownload
    PL111-R1 – Heat Resistant Yellow Marking PaintDownload
    PL134-R2 – Ceramic CoatingDownload
    PL163 – Clear Polymide CoatingDownload
    PL177 – Heat Resistant Sacrificial CoatingDownload
    PL179 – High Temperature Blade Root Sealing Filler CompoundDownload
    PL181 – High Temperature Dry Film LubricantDownload
    PL198 – Thixotropic Dry Film LubricantDownload
    PL200 – Anti Spatter Lacquer for use with Electron Beam WeldingDownload
    PL221 – Water Removable Laser Stop OffDownload
    PL224 – Air Drying Blade Root Sealing CompoundDownload
    PL237-R2 – Molybdenum Disulphide Dry Film LubricantDownload
    PL248 – Aerosol Packed Binder for Powdered Brazing AlloysDownload
    PL258 – Chemical Resistant Endorsing Ink For Marking Castings and Aero Engine Components (black and white)Download
    PL268 – Alumina Core PaintDownload
    PL268-AID – PL268 Spraying AidDownload
    PL270 – Sermaseal Touch Up CoatingDownload
    PL2938-REMOVER – Stop Off Lacquer RemoverDownload
    PL37 (ANL) – Coating for Protecting Materials Against NitridingDownload
    PL470 – Dry Film LubricantDownload
    PL470 Brochure Issue 2 – English BrochureDownload
    PL500-R1 – Laser Stop Off CompoundDownload
    PL73 – High Heat Resisting Protective Enamel Matt BlackDownload
    PL81-2438-099 – Green Tinted Stop Off LacquerDownload
    PL81-R3 – Blue Tinted Stop Off LacquerDownload
    PL93 – Heat Resistant Aluminium Gap Filling CompoundDownload
    PL95-R1 – Mica Impregnated Insulating CoatingDownload
    Product Update Notification: Rockhard Clear Varnish/SealantDownload
    Rockhard Brochure – English BrochureDownload
    RWIP120 Epoxy SystemDownload
    S030 – n-Methyl Pyrrolidone ThinnerDownload
    Shelf Life PoShelf Life, Release Date & Test Reports – Issue 7, 19th August 2014 Issue 7, August 2014 PdfDownload
    Shelf Life, Release Date, Test Reports and Safety Data Sheet Policy – Issue 8, August 2016Download
    Synocryl 9122X – Acrylic Resin – ClearDownload
    Testing Facilities Brochure – English BrochureDownload
    Thermochromic Paint Non-Reversible Thermal Indicating Paint – ColourThermDownload
    Thermochromic Paint Reversible Thermal Indicating Low Temperature Paint ColourThermDownload
    Thinners (Full Range)Download
    Toluene (S007) – Thinner / CleanerDownload
    XYLENE – Xylene ThinnerDownload
    “Vulcaprene” Elastomeric Coatings for RubberDownload