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High Build Epoxy Primer and Finish Coat for the Rail Industry

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Indestructible Paint are an independent, specialist coating company who manufacture high performance surface coatings. All of which are engineered to meet the ever-increasing performance requirements, demanded in modern industry.

We offer a wide range of products for Aero Engines and Gas Turbines, which includes: our Rockhard Range; our Ipcote, Ipseal and Smoothseal range; our IP9064 range; our Low VOC coatings including our IP3 and IP6 Ranges; our High Temperature ranges; our 2 Pack Polyurethane ranges; our 2 Pack Epoxy ranges; OMAT Repair Kits; our PL range.

As well as, Thermochromic Paint products, Intumescent Paint, Dry Film Lubricant and Sacrificial Coatings.

We also provide an extensive range of aerospace coatings produced to different Defence Standards and customer specifications.

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specialist coating manufacturer receive award

Birmingham Chamber Recognises Indestructible Paint’s Longstanding Achievement

Indestructible Paint Ltd. is delighted to have been recognised by the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce as the winner of its prestigious Longstanding Member Award. The presentation was made by Steve…

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aluminium protective coating manufacturers

Sacrificial Aluminium Coatings For Aero Engines And Power Generation

Looking for an aluminium protective coating? Indestructible Paint is one of the country's leading manufacturers of high performance protective coatings including Sacrificial Aluminium Base-coats and Seal-coats. Ipcote IP9183-R1 Base-Coat &…

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coatings for industrial gas turbines - coatings for power generation

Spotlight On Coatings For Power Generation And Industrial Gas Turbines

For many years, Indestructible Paint has provided coatings for flight turbines to the majority of the world's aircraft engine manufacturers. During this time, a lot of development work was done.…

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