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General Industrial Paint


The Indestructible Paint product offer includes a range of industrial products developed to the same rigorous standards as our aerospace coatings. This coating range benefits from the lessons learned during the development and production of paints and coatings designed to meeting the stringent requirements of the Aerospace and allied industries. We have provided products for many different uses, including automotive, marine, rail, ACE and medical applications.

Our range of products is designed around compliance with environmental legislation such as RoHS, WEEE and reduction of VOC emissions. Included within the Industrial range we have chrome free anti-corrosive coatings designed for use over ferrous and non-ferrous articles. These anti-corrosion coatings are designed for use as direct to metal primers and use over non-chrome metal pre-treatment systems.

The range is a diverse offering including, low in VOC products (primer and finish coats), high performance non-chromate primers, abrasion resistant coatings, dry film lubricants, low heat transmission coatings, specialist coatings for decorative goods including brass coating. Many of our coatings have a high durability to high temperature exposure, provide a high quality durable finish, dry/cure at room temperature or under forced cure conditions, as well as much more.

Our Sales Department are dedicated to answering any queries that you may have regarding our extensive range of products, providing you with detailed information relating to your specific requirements. We do advise you to contact them directly either by telephone: 0121 702 2485, or via email: to discuss your requirements