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Power Generation

Coatings for Power Generation and Industrial Gas Turbines

Indestructible Paint has for many years supplied power generation coatings and indestructible coatings. In particular, for flight turbines to most of the world’s aero engine manufacturers. Over this period, much development work has been conducted, to smooth the operation of aircraft engines as performance increases and a need for cleaner engines grew.

Utilising the technologies developed over this time, Indestructible can now offer similar high-performance coatings for the Power Generation and Industrial Gas Turbines markets. From the intake through all the compressor stages, and even into the hot end of the engine. Indestructible offer a range of engine coatings for power generation to enhance the performance of the engine.

Coatings that enhance performance of industrial gas turbines and power generation engines

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Specialist organic anti-corrosion and anti-erosion coatings are specified for intake fans, to reduce wear and corrosion.

Through all stages of the compressor, the Ipcote range of inorganic sacrificial aluminium base coats and sealcoats are specified on blades, stators and shafts. Which not only offer superior corrosion, erosion and water resistance, but temperature performance up to 700oC. Particular attention has been placed on providing coatings with a smooth surface finish, to allow better airflow through the compressor and enhance performance. By specifying these coatings, extended running times in both power generation and industrial turbine operation are easily achieved.

For the hot end, Indestructible offer a diffusion coating, formulated to operate at very high temperatures in sour gas atmospheres. Ipal, IP1041 is an inorganic coating containing both silicone and aluminium particles, which during processing, diffuse into the surface of the component to form a metallic structure with the metals within the component.

The result is a highly durable, high temperature (up to 1000oC), oxidation resistant coating that will provide sulphidation protection. Ideal for engine coatings for power generation.

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Industrial gas turbine coatings

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