We are a leading aerospace paints manufacturer. As a result, we are proud to be supplying a wide range of performance coatings.  The team manufacture all of our badged materials at our plant in Birmingham. They undergo thorough quality checks and are approved in the United Kingdom and in accordance with AS9100 Rev D.

In many parts of the world, we operate through authorised distributors. We have plenty of experience as aerospace manufacturers. In fact, we strongly recommend that you deal with authorised distributors and aerospace suppliers. They will not only speak your language. They will also operate within your time zone, therefore servicing any enquiries quickly.

There are many advantages of purchasing directly from Indestructible Paint, and its distribution channels. Being an aerospace industry supplier, we make it convenient to purchase and ship our products worldwide.

By purchasing directly from aerospace suppliers Indestructible Paint we can guarantee:

  • Prompt and more immediate supply
  • The maximum shelf life on our products direct from our warehouse/distributors
  • Instant access to technical back up and problem-solving

If you are looking for an aerospace manufacturer, then please get in touch with a member of our team today. We have plenty of knowledge and advice that we can offer you. As a result, ensuring you invest in the right coating solutions that won’t let you down. With competitive prices and a fast turnaround, you can rely on us.