Rockhard Range

Rockhard Range

Protective Coatings For Metals | Aerospace Industry

Indestructible Paint is a leading supplier of performance and corrosion resistant coating and chemical resistant coating solutions. Our Rockhard Range is made up of protective coatings for metals. More specifically, aluminium and magnesium are the most popular.

Furthermore, these Rockhard coatings are often known as chemical resistance paint or corrosion resistance paint. They provide metals with protection against erosion and corrosion. This includes salt water and chemical resistance from high temperatures. Therefore, the aerospace industry will often use Rockhard coatings for aero engine solutions.

These coatings are the best high- quality protective coatings for metal, particularly aluminium and magnesium. Therefore, they have made quite a name for themselves over the last four decades. The corrosion and chemical resistance includes salt water and chemical resistance at elevated temperatures.

Rockhard Coating Manufacturers

Indestructible Paint has been manufacturing coatings for aluminium and magnesium for over five decades. Furthermore, our corrosion resistance coatings are enriched with the latest technology and industrial findings. As a result, you are investing in a leading Rockhard protective paint, that won’t let you down.

In our Rockhard Range, we offer sealants, primers and finishes. Rockhard Range coatings are used in many industries, from the aircraft industry to the automotive.

Examples of Rockhard coatings in use include:

  • Magnesium helicopter gear boxes
  • Turbine blades
  • Volvo air intakes
  • Computer chassis for insulation purposes
  • Heat exchangers
  • Radiators (Where it has enabled Aluminium to replace Copper in some applications)

Furthermore, it is acknowledged as a leading product which is used on engine blocks and turbo pipes etc. Therefore, we are proud to be a Rockhard paint supplier.