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    Thermochromic Paint

    Leading Thermochromic Paint Supplier UK

    Indestructible Paint’s has vast experience at supplying paints and coatings for use in some of the most challenging environments. Moreover, we supply an expanded range of Thermal Indicating Paints (Thermochromic Paint).

    Colour-Therm is a division of Indestructible Paint, that can now supply chrome free, heat sensitive paint. Therefore, providing a solution of understanding the thermal performance of a multitude of components across many industrial sectors. In fact, we’re leading the way with thermochromic paint UK.

    Thermal indicating paints react to the changing temperature of the component to which they are applied to. The paints will change colour at specific temperatures. Consequently, providing a simple visual indicator that an unwanted temperature had been reached. As well as, displaying any required remedial action should be taken.

    Thermochromic paint

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    Non-Reversible Colour Changing Paints

    This range has found a wide range of uses across a variety of industries. This includes aerospace, the petrochemical industries, and foundries. As well as, other industrial application where there is a need for simple monitoring of thermal history using thermochromic pigment.

    A range of coatings are available that give a visual colour change when a specific temperature has been reached. Additionally, being non-reversible, this colour change paint will remain as a permanent indicator of temperature variation.

    Reversible Colour Change

    Indestructible can also offer a range of reversible paints which change at lower temperatures. In addition, are of more interest as a decorative system. Typically, the coating will change colour, or clear when a specific temperature is reached, and, as the temperature cools will revert back to the original colour.

    For more information on any of the Thermochromic Paint UK range of coatings please contact out sales and technical teams, who will be happy to discuss your technical requirements and recommend the most suitable indestructible paint coating.

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