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    What is the purpose of polishing aviation?

    Polishes can eliminate rust, corrosion, and water stains from your plane’s surface while also adding a lustrous sheen.

    What is the highest temperature suitable for aerospace coatings?

    The heat resistance temperature depends on the application and the coating you use. For instance, for turbine engines there are many parts of the engines, so temperatures and coatings can vary.

    What is the purpose of an intumescent coating?

    Intumescent fire retardant paint is perfect for products produced from titanium, aluminium or other substrates. It’s made to withstand high air movement and an adhesive layer after it’s been burnt. It reduces the weight of items, especially composite parts.

    Does intumescent paint need primer?

    The majority intumescent paints are water-based, which necessitates a thorough application of the specified primer to avoid rust delamination.

    What is the importance of aircraft finishes?

    Advanced aircraft coatings are applied on jets, planes, helicopters, and other planes to retain their look and protect them against corrosion. The aircraft paint must withstand harsh operating conditions and can be applied to both the exterior and interior surfaces.

    What is the difference between primer and epoxy primer?

    A primer is sandable, but an epoxy primer is not. Scratches and large waves are covered by a primer. An epoxy primer, on the other hand, is a non-porous sealer that protects the base primer from paint.

    What's the difference between epoxy primer and epoxy sealer?

    A sealer provides no protection and is not intended to be used as a primer. Epoxy primer is a sealant that gives applied top coats a smooth finish. Epoxy primers can be used to waterproof things, as a result protecting the bare metal from oxidation.

    What are rockhard coatings?

    Rockhard Range is made up of protective coatings for metals. More specifically, aluminium and magnesium are the most popular to use these coatings.They provide metals with protection against erosion and corrosion and are often known as chemical resistance paint or corrosion resistance paint.  

    What uses does thermochromic paint have?

    Thermochromic paints are heat sensitive paints that can be used in many temperature critical areas. They act as safety indicators on thermally sensitive substrates, indicating thermal history. For instance, indicating hot spots.

    What is high performance paint?

    High-performance coatings are generally in use where structures and surfaces need to be more resistant to abrasion and chemicals, while also being more durable. 

    What is elastomeric erosion coating?

    This coasting is for engine nose spinners, where temperatures as low as -50c can be experienced.

    What is Aerospace coating?

    Aerospace coatings are one of the most demanding sectors for coating and materials. Also known as aircraft paints and coatings or aviation coatings. They include coatings for commercial and business aviation. In addition, supply coatings for the military air market, satellites and launch vehicles. 

    Is there a coating for military helicopter flooring?

    Yes, we supply 2 pack epoxy anti-slip floor paint. The coating is for use in loading bays and high-foot traffic locatons, where maximal slip resistance for rubber and leather footwear is required.