Thermochromic Paint

Thermochromic Paint

High Performance, Heat Sensitive, Colour Changing Paint

ColourTherm is Indestructible Paint Ltd.’s range of high-performance heat sensitive, colour changing paint (Thermochromic Paint). Our specialist range of thermochromic materials are designed to change colour at specific temperatures. Therefore, this gives a visual indication of a temperature change.

Heat Sensitive Coatings For Aerospace Industry

Our heat sensitive paint can be used in many temperature critical areas. For instance, they act as safety indicators on thermally sensitive substrates, indicating thermal history. For example:

  • On reaction vessels they indicate hot spots
  • Internal insulation failures for chemical and petrochemical industries
  • As safety measures in R&D development programmes

These heat sensitive coatings provide a solution, to understanding the thermal performance of a multitude of components. This is across many industrial sectors.

Furthermore, as the thermochromic paint changes colour on the component which it is applied to, it provides a simple visual indicator that an unwanted temperature had been reached. Consequently, any required remedial action should be taken.