The Ipcote Range of Sacrificial Aluminium Base and Seal Coats

The Ipcote Range of Sacrificial Aluminium Base and Seal Coats

High Temperature Resistant Paint For All Industries

Indestructible Paint is one of the country’s leading suppliers and manufacturers of performance coatings such as high temperature resistant paint. Our sacrificial aluminium coating solutions and high heat resistant paint that are suitable for a wide range of industries and applications. They were created for usage in extreme conditions such as aviation engines, aircraft landing gear, power generation, and marine scenarios.

Heat Resistance Coating For Aerospace

The Ipcote Range is made up of sacrificial aluminium base coats and seal coats. These are high-temperature coatings as well as corrosion resistant.

It was originally developed as a commercially available alternative to a proprietary range of imported US materials for use on compressor blades and other engine parts. However, over the course of several years, the collection has been developed and improved. For instance, we have developed a number of coatings for compressor blades.

The Ipcote Range

Whilst it was specially designed for the aerospace industry, they are also perfect to use in challenging environments. Such as aero engine, aircraft landing gear, power generation and marine situations.

The Ipcote coating range has been adopted by a large number of manufacturers. For instance, industrial gas turbines manufacturers use the heat resistance coating on compressor blades. Furthermore, it has also been introduced as a cadmium replacement on undercarriages and fasteners.

Whether you are looking for heat resistant paint (high temperature resistant coatings) or chrome-free coatings, our aluminium sacrificial coatings won’t let you down. Browse our base and seal coats below.