Dry Film Lubricant

Dry Film Lubricant

Indestructible Paint is proud to be a leading supplier of dry film lubricant coating solutions. We have decades of experience manufacturing performance coatings for a wide range of industries. As a result, we can offer coating systems that are trusted by engineers for many applications.

Dry film lubricants are materials which we design to reduce the friction between surfaces in extreme environments. These environments can include those with high and low temperatures and high and low pressures. Additionally, they are ideal to use when you are unable to use liquids and oils.

In short, we develop dry lubricant systems to meet demands for improved lubrication. Alongside this, we also ensure they are providing corrosion protection in aggressive environments.

We manufacture our dry film lubricant solutions at our plant in Birmingham. Each coating undergoes quality checks to ensure they are compliant with industrial standards.

By purchasing directly from Indestructible Paint, and our distribution channels, you will have a hassle-free service each and every time. Being an aerospace industry supplier, we make it convenient to purchase and ship our products worldwide.

We guarantee a prompt and immediate supply along with maximum product shelf life. Additionally, you will receive direct access to technical back up and problem-solving solutions.

For more information about our molybdenum disulfide dry film lubricant coatings, please get in touch with us today. With plenty of knowledge of performance coatings, we can make sure you invest in the right system for your application.