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    Spotlight On Coatings For Power Generation And Industrial Gas Turbines

    coatings for industrial gas turbines - coatings for power generation

    Summary. Indestructible Paint leverages years of experience in providing high-performance coatings for flight turbines to offer advanced coatings for power generation and industrial gas turbines, ensuring enhanced performance, durability, and protection against corrosion, erosion, and high temperatures.


    For many years, Indestructible Paint has provided coatings for flight turbines to the majority of the world’s aircraft engine manufacturers. During this time, a lot of development work was done. This was done to make aeroplane engines run more smoothly as performance increased and the demand for cleaner engines grew. Furthermore, Indestructible can now offer similar high-performance coatings for the Power Generation and Industrial Gas Turbine businesses. This is thanks to the technologies established during this time. For example, from the intake to all of the compressor stages and all the way to the engine’s hot end. Indestructible offers a variety of coatings to improve the engine’s performance.

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    Anti- Corrosion & Anti- Erosion Coatings

    Intake fans can be coated with organic anti-corrosion and anti-erosion coatings to decrease wear and corrosion. The Ipcote range of inorganic sacrificial aluminium base coatings and seal coats are specified for blades, stators, and shafts at all phases of the compressor. They are resistant to corrosion, erosion, and water, as well as temperature performance up to 700oC. Furthermore, we ensure the coatings boast a flawless surface finish, enabling greater airflow through the compressor and improving performance. Specifying these coatings can easily achieve extended running periods in both power generating and industrial turbine operation.


    Diffusion Coating For Extremely High Temperatures

    Indestructible offers a diffusion coating for the hot end that is designed to work at extremely high temperatures in sour gas environments. Ipal, IP1041 is an inorganic coating. It contains silicone and aluminium particles that diffuse into the surface of the component during processing. Building a metallic structure with the metals within the component. The outcome is a sulphidation- resistant, very durable, high-temperature (up to 1000oC) oxidation-resistant coating.

    Image courtesy of Turbine Efficiency

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