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    Historic British Aircraft Becomes Shining Star

    Surface Coating Company

    Summary. We are a prominent Surface Coating Company, which rejuvenated an English Electric Lightning fighter at Boscombe Down Aviation Collection with Wadpol, ensuring a ‘super shine’ finish and long-lasting corrosion protection.


    A distinctive, English Electric (Lightning) P1 Fighter has been returned to its former glory. It is now a shining star in the Boscombe Down Aviation Collection in Wiltshire. The English Electric Lightning, served as an interceptor for the RAF and other national forces. In addition, it remains the only UK-designed-and-built fighter capable of Mach 2.

    Boscombe Down Aviation Collection’s aircraft is the second prototype of the English Electric Lightning that first flew from Boscombe Down. It was in a sorry state after sitting on display as a guest at another museum for several years.

    Our Surface Coating Company Offering Assistance

    The Collection’s team of volunteers, who are dedicated to restoring the past and educating the future, turned to surface coatings company, Indestructible Paint, for support. Armed with a supply of Wadpol – a trusted solution for cleaning and polishing weathered or corroded aluminium and painted surfaces – the team soon had the aircraft gleaming.

    English Electric Lightning returned to Boscombe Down Aviation Collection looking dull

    Indestructible Paint’s Wadpol Super Shine Aircraft Polish

    Wadpol’s impregnated wadding is renowned for creating a ‘super shine’ finish. Additionally, it is so effective that it is still used on aircraft and helicopters flying around the world today.

    The solution is often used for polishing wing leading edges and removing stains and exhaust deposits from engine cowlings. It is also used on aircraft flown by the Red Arrows aerobatic team. Also, it remains popular due to the long-lasting protection offered by in-built corrosion inhibitors.

    Section of the English Electric Lightning before and after polishing

    Indestructible’s experts are renowned for being pioneers of high-performance surface coatings. We provide not just traditional solutions like Wadpol but developing the sustainable solutions of tomorrow.

    “We’re very grateful for the supply of Wadpol donated by Indestructible Paint,” said Graham Horner, Visits Manager, Boscombe Down Aviation Collection. “One of our volunteers — who was once an RAF Airframe Technician (Rigger) — said this would be the best solution for brightening up our English Electric Lightning and we’re delighted to return it to display with such a brilliant result for visitors to enjoy.”


    Visitors wishing to see the aircraft on display at Boscombe Down Aviation Collection, based at Old Sarum Airfield, can find out more here.