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    Indestructible Paint’s Supply To Indian Power Generation Acknowledged For Its Success

    power generation industry

    With responsibility for the power generation industry throughout India, the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) is reporting excellent results from our specialist, high performance coatings.

    Our performance in working with our distributor in the region, Matcon Hicoats PVT Ltd., to supply two products for an extensive gas turbine overhaul programme, has been praised.

    We received a formal Letter of Appreciation from NTPC for supplying material used on all 16 stages of compressor blades and stator veins. The customer has reported significant improvement in compressor efficiency as a result.

    Ipseal and Ipcote products have been supplied from our Birmingham manufacturing facility for the project.

    Power Generation Industry Coatings

    Ipcote Sacrificial Aluminium Basecoat has been extensively proven in the highly demanding aero engine and industrial gas turbine sectors and is designed to resist abrasion, corrosion and the action of operating fluids and chemicals. Ipseal is an inorganic sealcoat which creates a smooth barrier coating without detracting from the sacrificiality of the Ipcote base coat.

    Apart from fulfilling specific performance objectives, we were also able to meet additional requests from the customer with the Ipcote coating system, for example, applied in a green finish.

    In addition to the supply of materials, we were able to assist the Matcon technical team to develop a mobile application and curing facility and to fully train the Matcon operators in the application and use of the Ipcote range. This addressed the widespread nature of NTPC’s network while helping to ensure the highest level of spray application skills were utilised every time.

    The receipt of a specific notification from NTPC highlighting successful performance of the products is a proud and significant moment. It is always gratifying when a customer feels our involvement to have been especially helpful and for this notification to have been received in the context of such a major and extensive project is very welcome.