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    Aerospace Manufacturing magazine

    We’re delighted to be featured in the latest edition of Aerospace Manufacturing magazine talking about how we’re at the forefront of efforts to develop innovative new solutions to make the coatings industry more environmentally sustainable.

    We’re proud that our chrome-free products – including CFIpal diffusion coatings which protect components at temperatures up to 1,000oC — as well as CFIpcote sacrificial base coats and seal coats have been creating quite the buzz, especially as they equal, if not exceed the performance of the original chrome-versions!

    And, of course, we create coatings for composites too, all of which have been designed for high performance.

    These results demonstrate that caring for the environment doesn’t always require compromise. Being more environmentally conscious is driving our industry to be safer, smarter and better.

    Read the full article on p19 of the digital version of Aerospace Manufacturing magazine: