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    Indestructible Paint’s Chrome-Free Coatings For The Power Generation Industry

    chrome free coatings

    We have over 40 years’ experience as an engineering specialist and in high-performance coating. Therefore, Indestructible Paint has built a reputation for developing and manufacturing quality performance coatings, including chrome free paint.

    Over the years, we have worked with Turbine Efficiency. Who are an industrial gas turbine overhaul and repair specialist based in Lincoln UK. We worked to develop a variety of coatings for the overhaul of turbines, to protect and enhance equipment performance. Indestructible Paint’s coatings were put to the test. One of Turbine Efficiency’s Long-Term offshore customers: SGT-100 (Typhoon) engine arrived in their workshop, for an instrumentation replacement.


    Cleaning Process Of The Chrome-Free Development Coating Showed Success

    The Chrome-free development coating (CF600), was applied to the rotor blades of the compressor rotor. This was at the Turbine Efficiency Coatings and Repair Facility. During the instrumentation replacement they took the opportunity to inspect the coating. This was after it had been in use for over 18,000 hours.

    Typhoon Engine for Power Generation coated in Indestructible Paint's Chrome Free CF600 Protective Coating
    SGT-100 (Typhoon) Engine Rotor During Cleaning Process. It Revealed Indestructible Paint’s CF600 Coating Surface Finish Has Been Maintained. All images courtesy of Turbine Efficiency Ltd.

    The team at Turbine Efficiency were very pleased to report the success of the chrome-free coating. The surface finish had been maintained, and therefore had protected the rotor blades. Even after 750 days in use operating in such an extreme environment.

    “The excellent performance seen, during the application of CF 600 to the rotor blades, is repeated during the engine operating life cycle.” says Paul Holder, Head of Coatings and Repair at Turbine Efficiency.

    Typhoon Engine for Power Generation coated in Indestructible Paint's Chrome Free CF600 Protective Coating
    Photo caption: Fully Cleaned SGT-100 (Typhoon) Engine Rotor Cleaning Process Demonstrates Indestructible Paint’s CF600 Coating Surface Finish Has Been Maintained. Image courtesy of Turbine Efficiency Ltd.

    This was first rotor to have been coated with Indestructible Paint’s Chrome-free sealant coating. Therefore, the outlook for the company’s commitment and drive towards environmental improvements, is extremely positive. For instance, reducing potential harm both to employees and the environment. Also, while ensuring the protection the engine requires.

    Meeting REACH Obligations

    As a high performance coatings manufacturer, the development of chrome-free coatings is of particular importance to Indestructible Paint’s commitment to meeting REACH obligations, alongside the crucial environmental benefits.

    Another example of our ability to develop and supply coating solutions, is TELxPro. Additionally, it also meets the specific needs of niche market sectors and our clients. It is a proprietary, chrome-free coating designed especially for Turbine Efficiency. Mr. Holder of Turbine Efficiency describes this chrome-free sealer.

    He says it is: “an incredibly smooth coating, which is a significant improvement on previously used coatings. It is also very stable during the curing process, ensuring the delivered condition of the components to our engine build are of the best quality and visual appearance that they can be.”


    All images courtesy of Turbine Efficiency Ltd.

    Fur, you can find out more about our power generation coatings by contacting or Sales Team on today.

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