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    High Build Epoxy Primer And Finish Coat For The Rail Industry

    2 pack paint finish-epoxy primer

    Summary. Indestructible Paint expertly develops and supplies the 2 pack paint finish RWIP120, a versatile epoxy primer with exceptional corrosion protection and durability for diverse industrial applications, prioritizing aerospace and rail sectors.


    Indestructible Paint is one of the country’s leading suppliers of performance coatings including a 2 pack epoxy primer and finish. With decades of experience under our belts, we manufacture and supply industrial paints for a wide range of industries. This includes coatings for aerospace and rail sectors. In order to exceed expectations, we are always focusing on new processes and training. We implement these when manufacturing high-performance paints and coatings. With our rail and aerospace coating solutions, we work to develop coatings and finishings that overcome issues. For example, protection against high temperatures, resistance to heat abrasion, and corrosion resistance.


    Two-Pack Epoxy Primer Finish

    RWIP120 is a high-performance coating that we have developed for the rail industry. It is an epoxy air-drying solvent-based coating, with low VOC content. We have specially designed the primer finish paint as a single coat application or multi coat system for application to a wide range of substrates. RWIP120 is, in fact, part of a family of coatings we manufacture from a high grade two-part epoxy system. We initially procured it for use in aerospace applications. However, we have now developed it for use within the rail industry on underframe components. Therefore, it is ideal for components such as wheelsets, bogies, air reservoirs and motors (new and refurbished) and heavy engineering.

    2 pack epoxy primer finish
    Typical application of RWIP120 on wheel set

    The Benefits Of 2 Pack Epoxy Primer

    RWIP120‘s performance covers a long list of rail industry challenges. Including impact, chip and scratch resistance and the ability to withstand high humidity. Alongside resistance to abrasion, salt spray and wash plant operations.

    The cured coating provides excellent corrosion protection on steel, aluminium and galvanized substrates. As well as in immersed conditions. It is a tough, chemically resilient finish that has been tested against a variety of corporate and national standards. As a result, the coating performs in temperatures ranging from +200 ºC. down to -50 ºC. It can also be applied directly to GRP and composite substrates.

    epoxy primer finish
    Air Reservoir Before Application of IPRW120
    Typical application of RWIP120 on Air Reservoir

    You can apply the 2 pack paint finish as a single or two coat application, using airless spray, conventional spray, or a brush/roller. You can overcoat it with itself or other Indestructible Paint finishes, epoxy’s and polyurethanes.

    RWIP120 is available as a Matt, Semi-Matt, Semi-Gloss and full gloss finish, in a limited range of BS and RAL colours.

    Indestructible Paint supply the coating as a two-component product. It is mixed 3:1 part by volume with standard catalyst. As a result, the mixed material will remain stable for 4 hours. We can supply the primer paint as a 4 litre or 20 litre kit including catalyst.

    Typical application of RWIP120 on bogie

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    If you would like to find out more about RWIP120 2 pack paint finish or any of our other protective coatings for rail vehicles, then get in touch today. Call +44(0)121 702 2485 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly sales team.

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