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    Versatile Coating System Enhances Indestructible Paint Rail Industry Role

    2 pack epoxy paint steel

    Summary. Indestructible Paint Ltd introduces RWIP120, a versatile 2 pack epoxy paint for steel, especially benefiting the rail industry. With forty years of expertise, We bring aerospace-proven, durable, and chemically resilient epoxy paint solutions to address various rail industry challenges and substrates.


    Indestructible Paint Ltd has a highly versatile epoxy coating system. Our 2 pack epoxy paint for steel has particular benefits for the rail industry. The development – centred on the introduction of our RWIP120 product – signals our recent focus on the rail sector. Therefore, it gains from some four decades of experience of coating technology in many of the most challenging global environments.

    Rail Coatings

    RWIP120  is fully compliant with CR/PE0102 Repainting of Rail Vehicles specification. So it offers a range of performance benefits and is available as either a one or two coat system. Mike Booth is Product Specialist in Indestructible Paint’s rail industry operation. He draws attention to the advantages of the performance coating.

    “Undercarriage coating objectives can often be achieved by the use of the system as a single 120 micron primer/finish coating,” he says, “particularly as there are no specific aesthetic considerations. In other areas, it can comprise a separate 60 micron primer. With an additional 60 micron finish coat.  Where required, it can also then be over-coated with other Indestructible Paint finishes, epoxies and polyurethanes. Customer needs can be further met by a choice of colours in a matt, semi-matt, semi-gloss or gloss finish.”

    Typical application of RWIP120 on wheel set
    Typical application of RWIP120 on Internal Air Reservoir









    The Benefits Of RWIP120

    RWIP120 2 pack epoxy primer finish is ideal for a wide range of substrates. Many of which are common in the rail sector. Including steel, aluminium, galvanised and composite surfaces. These all benefit from epoxy and its chemical bonding properties. The cured coating is a tough chemically–resilient finish that has been tested against corporate and national standards.

    “The system is part of a family of coatings that we have developed. All of which are based on high grade, two-part epoxy coatings. They have a long and successful track record in the aerospace sector,” continues Mike Booth.  “In the rail industry, common uses include under frame equipment. As well as, as a primer, a range of applications from GRP end mouldings, aluminium frames and roof coatings to wheel sets, bogies and brakes.”

    RWIP120’s performance covers a long list of rail industry challenges. Including impact, chip and scratch resistance and the ability to withstand high humidity. Alongside resistance to abrasion, salt spray and wash plant operations.

    “Our long and successful background in demanding application areas, such as aerospace and the offshore sector, have provided a firm basis for us to focus on the needs of the rail sector,” concludes Brian Norton, Indestructible Paint’s Managing Director.  “The introduction now of the RWIP120 coating is evidence of the suitability of our product range in this context and is clearly bringing key opportunities and advantages to a growing number of customers in the rail industry.”


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