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  • Indestructible Paint Thermochromic Coatings Bring Engineering and Maintenance Benefits to the Rail Industry

    thermochromic coatings

    The range of thermochromic paints from the Indestructible Paint Colour-Therm division is now offering important advantages to customers of our newly created rail industry department.  The well-established range of indicating coatings, which has been associated with Indestructible Paint for some time, is directly applicable to engineering and maintenance operations in the rail sector.  Providing a quick, accurate visual check of the condition and performance of critical, heat-sensitive systems, its suitability to a wide range of applications in the rail operating field can be readily identified.

    Complying with all relevant standards, not least those defined by the REACH regulations, the Colour-Therm range comprises a choice of coatings and adhesive labels which alter colour when components reach a specific temperature due to operational or environmental conditions.  This centres on a chemical change that occurs in the coating’s solid compound, with reaction occurring between 5°C and 360°C, depending upon the product.

    Indestructible Paint’s Colour-Therm CT160 illustrating colour change from turquoise to dark green when exposed to 160oC temperature.

    Typical uses include the identification of temperature overrun on sensitive materials and tamper-proofing with application by a simple process.  Importantly, the Colour-Therm range of thermochromic coatings can be applied either during manufacture or as a retrofit or maintenance operation – of particular note in the rail sector.

    Safety is clearly high on the list of benefits with a simple visual check a clear advantage.  Both reversible and non-reversible options are available – the former allowing the thermochromic coating to revert to its original colour once the heat source is removed.

    protective coating systems
    The ColourTherm range of thermochromic coatings has a wide range of safety applications for the rail sector.

    The Colour-Therm range is now an important part of our product list and one which fits well with the established choices available from Indestructible Paint.  Its benefits to a wide range of activities associated with the rail sector are quite clear. We have placed great emphasis on ensuring the range is structured to match customer needs while meeting appropriate regulatory requirements.  It is further evidence of our reputation which has always been based on developing specialist performance coatings.

    With more than a thousand product configurations available – and all supplied with the research and development, back up and support that is central to the Indestructible Paint track record – the Colour-Therm range is now set to offer increasing benefits to a long list of rail sector users both in the UK and internationally.