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    Spotlight on Indestructible Paint’s Coatings for the Rail Industry

    industrial coating

    At Indestructible Paint, we are a leading industrial coating distributor. Additionally, we are dedicated to bringing our renowned industrial coating systems to a range of rail sector applications. Ranging from rolling stock to track and station infrastructure. We have been operating in demanding sectors such as the aerospace and offshore industries for years. Not only have we made products that the needs within the rail sector though. We can also provide highly experienced and focused research and development capability. This allows us to work closely with customers to develop, test and supply coating systems that match precise needs. Most importantly, we are able to do so in quantities and order patterns. We can tailor these to exact requirements.

    Rail Industrial Performance Coatings

    Our range of performance coating product examples are already bringing gains to our rail industry customers.  With rolling stock, for example, these encompass both undercarriage and livery applications that meet performance, protection and aesthetic objectives. RWIP120 coating system is a prime example. It fully complies with CR/PE0102 Repainting of Rail Vehicles specification and offers a range of performance benefits. Significantly, it is alo available as either a one or two coat system.

    Undercarriage coating objectives can often be achieved by the use of the system as a single 120 micron primer/finish coating, particularly as there are no specific aesthetic considerations while, in other areas, it can comprise a separate 60 micron primer with an additional 60 micron finish coat.  Where appropriate, customers can also then over-coat it with other Indestructible Paint finishes, epoxies, and polyurethanes, while further meeting their needs by choosing from a variety of colours in matt, semi-matt, semi-gloss, or gloss finishes.

    Epoxy Metal Paint

    RWIP120 has been proven on a range of substrates. Many of which are a common feature in the rail sector.  These include steel, aluminium, galvanised and composite surfaces. All of which gain from the composition of the epoxy and its chemical bonding characteristics. Everything RWIP120 can offer covers a long list of challenges faced by rail operators. From impact, chip and scratch resistance to the ability to withstand high humidity environments. All of these are key benefits along with proven resistance to abrasion, salt spray and wash plant operations.

    The commitment to developing an industrial coating to meet exact requirements is further demonstrated by two associated systems:

    • RWIP1000, a single component water-based intumescent coating developed to enhance fire resistance on timber flooring inside the carriage.
    • RWIP3000, a two component epoxy-based air drying or forced drying intumescent coating which has been developed to provide enhanced fire resistance for metallic, timber and composite substrates.

    Both products have been specially developed for use in the rail industry on vehicle components and civil installations and both are particularly resistant to high air movement while maintaining excellent adhesion after they have intumesced.

    Other examples of products that offer key gains in the rail sector:

    • RWIPAPF, a high quality alkyd primer finish coat which delivers excellent corrosion and weather resistance
    • RWThin, which provides a cleaner and thinner performance for both greasy and corrosion protected parts.

    Industrial Coating Distributor

    There’s a clear link between our methods and technology and the ongoing build and maintenance needs of the rail operating field. By applying experience and methodology that has enabled us to work closely with major global manufacturers in fields such as aerospace, we are confident that we will be able to bring important performance, cost and safety benefits to the full list of rail industry organisations.

    As leading industrial coating distributor, Indestructible Paint is proud to support the rail industry. Our industrial coating solutions offer high performance every time.

    If you would like to find out more about specialist coatings such as our 2 pack epoxy, head to our website today. Or, call +44(0)121 702 2485 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

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