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    Indestructible Paint Helps The Vampire to Roll Again

    automotive restoration paint - automotive paint supplier

    Summary. We are a prominent automotive paint supplier, which have skilfully contributed to the meticulous restoration of the renowned Vampire Car, utilizing high-performance automotive restoration paint to perfectly match and enhance its iconic yellow hue, showcasing our versatile coating expertise.


    The famous Vampire Car holds the current British land speed record of 303.3 mph set in 2006. It has undergone extensive restoration after its well-documented crash. Consequently, with the restoration now complete, as a leading automotive paint supplier in the UK, we wanted to share a few details of the transformation. It is one of the more dramatic applications of Indestructible Paint Ltd.’s high performance coating capability.

    Extensive Automotive Repair & Restoration

    The repair and restoration work required was extensive. The wide range of components and parts needing to be rebuilt, in many cases, called for specialist coating applications. Therefore, we delightedly brought our expertise, developed over years in challenging industries like aerospace, to the project.

    Automotive High Performance Paint

    Indestructible Paint Ltd supplied a range of coatings for the project. From an epoxy-based anti-corrosive primer and catalyst coating to a two-part gloss paint. The latter was applied extensively to recreate the famous yellow colour of the vehicle with the colour match – according to John Clayton, from the Vampire Car project, “being absolutely perfect” .


    The shell of the Vampire car before the restoration work had begun
    The Vampire after restoration work had been completed

    Capabilities at Indestructible Paint

    Alongside our wide range of customers throughout industry, we have also been able to build a growing reputation in the restoration sector and we can point, for example, to many iconic aircraft in this regard. Furthermore, to be able to work on the Vampire Car project brings this capability into a somewhat different sector. However, we believe it still fully reflects on our commitment – in terms of R & D and production – to projects of all types and sizes.


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    Are you looking for an high performance restoration paint supplier for the aerospace or automotive industry? Numerous racing/high performance vehicle manufacturers have been in contact with us asking for our assistance in producing specialist coatings. So, get in touch with Indestructible Paint to discuss your project requirements. Call our Sales Department on +44(0)121 702 2485 or email us at

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