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    IP9138-R1 – Heat and Skydrol Resistant Air Drying Aluminium

    A heat resistant, air drying enamel for use with IP9139, PL101 and IP9029 heat resistant stoving enamel as a touch up. Resistant to ester lubricants, Skydrol, heat and corrosion. Additionally used as good colour match touch up for burnished Ipcote IP9183-R1 , IP9356 , and IP9442 . It also has many other uses in extreme environments and is applied, for example on aircraft wheels and under carriages in new manufacture and maintenance. It may also have application as a marking ink or paint in the aircraft industry, as it also adheres to polyurethane and epoxy, with resistance to skydrol brake fluid, the new replacements for Genklene, chemicals, heat etc.