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COVID-19 Update: Indestructible Paint and the UK Coronavirus situation

24th March 2020

The Coronavirus situation continues to develop rapidly in the UK and has been predicted to escalate significantly across the coming days and weeks.

At Indestructible Paint, we have undertaken a detailed risk assessment and would like to provide you with an update as to our contingency planning for the Coronavirus – and the steps we are taking to mitigate against any potential impact on our service offering. Currently, we do not believe customers or suppliers will see any change in the way in which we service their needs.

Indestructible Paint is committed to maintaining normalcy across our operation. To that end, we are:

  • Following and implementing government advice and will continue to do so, ensuring we can continue to operate ‘business as usual’ where we can.
  • Ensuring we are not exposed to raw materials coming from countries at risk outside of the UK and are maintaining a strong finished goods stock.
  • Operating under a series of contingency plans, which at this stage of the government guidance, enable us to continue producing and supplying products.
  • Working in close collaboration with our supply chain partners to develop and implement relevant plans that safeguard the continuity of supply to our customers.
  • Working to identify potential risks within the direct workplace and mitigating those with plans of working from home and/or amended shift patterns and maintaining distance separation.
  • Holding daily Senior Management Team meetings to keep abreast of the changing situation.
  • Ensuring regular communication with staff at all levels.

At all times, the safety of people and all our interested parties remains our ultimate priority. All decision making will continue to be informed via close monitoring and ongoing compliance with government guidelines. The safeguarding of our customers and our workforce continues to sit at the heart of all of our processes.

Please visit this post for the most up-to-date information in a rapidly changing environment.