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Indestructible Paint’s ColourTherm Range of Thermal Indicating Coatings

Thermal Indicating Coatings

ColourTherm is Indestructible Paint Ltd.’s range of high-performance heat sensitive, colour changing coatings.

Thermochromic Coatings


Our specialist range of thermochromic paints are designed to change colour at specific temperatures giving a visual indication of a temperature change. They can be used in many temperature critical areas, including acting as safety indicators on thermally sensitive substrates, indicating thermal history, such as on reaction vessels to indicate hot spots and internal insulation failures for chemical and petrochemical industries and as safety measures in R&D development programmes.

How does our colour change paint work?


The colour change is non-reversible within this coating range. The paints function by the action of chemical change within solid components of the coating.

These high-performance thermal-indicating coatings are designed to be thermally stable when used below their first temperature change level. When the coatings approach their first colour change, the reaction will occur quickly at the specified temperature or gradually if the paint is held within a few tens of degrees of the change temperature.

Thermal Indicating Products Available

Non-Reversible Range

Product Code Colour Change Temperature Degrees Centigrade (ºC) Initial Colour
CT-80* 80 105 150 250 Beige
CT-115-R1 115 145 300 330 Pink
CT-140 140 316 360
CT-150 150 240 310 Yellow
CT-160 160 190 250 300 Blue
CT-165-R1 165 180 205 White
CT-IP180 180 310
CT-225 225 235 285
CT400 400 520 560
CT-410 410 440 560
CT-440 440 Green

CT-9602                                                           THINNER FOR CT NON-REVERSIBLE RANGE

*This colour change will remain for a period, before slowly reverting to the original colour.

Example thermochromic colour change panels coating with CT-115-R1

Reversible Range

Product Code Colour Change Temperature Degrees Centigrade (⁰C) Colour
CT-IPR28 28 Red to Clear
CT-IPR45 45 Green to Clear
CT-IPR65 65 Deep Blue to Clear
CT-IPR05 05 Deep Pink to Clear


Interested in finding out more about our ColourTherm range of thermochromic coatings? You can see our brochure or speak to our ColourTherm Technical Sales Representative, Daniel Allum on +44(0)121 728 7983 or via email