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    Proud To Announce Our Involvement In The Corrosion Of Light Metals (COLM) Research Consortium.

    Indestructible Paint Ltd is proud to announce their involvement in the Corrosion of Light Metals (COLM) research consortium.

    Please read the COLM press release below to find out more about this exciting project we have embarked on.


    Developing And Industrialising Safe Alternatives

    In May 2016, eight companies and two universities established a research consortium, partially funded by the UK Innovate agency, Innovate UK. The Key objective is to develop and industrialise safe alternatives to chromate conversion coatings that are used for aluminium components within the Aerospace and Defence industries.

    The current standard chromate conversion coatings use chemical substances that may be hazardous to human health and the environment and are controlled by regulations such as EU REACH.

    While a number of proposed alternatives may be available on the market, they typically do not provide the sufficient level of corrosion protection demanded by Aerospace and Defence products.

    By benchmarking current coatings the consortium will define clear performance requirements for potential alternative coatings, which the project will aim to industrialise.

    Alternatives that are being investigated include those that are new to the market, those used by other industries and novel processes and techniques currently under development by academia.

    Furthermore, the consortium will aim to link lab scale testing to real-life corrosion in order to develop a novel model that can ascertain how long the alternative coatings should last in service. No current models exist to predict in-service life of these technologies.

    Using safer alternatives will ensure UK and EEA business continuity for manufacture, overhaul and repair of Aerospace and Defence products as legislation forces the current technologies to become obsolete. The project expresses the UK’s role as a key player in the industry and will drive innovation in a technology that has not been advanced sufficiently to meet current safety requirements. Additionally, the project also demonstrates the continuing commitment by the industry to remove potentially hazardous substances from its manufacturing processes, OEM products and MRO activities.

    The three-year project was bid for within the Highly Innovative Technology Enablers in Aerospace (HITEA 3) competition and the research consortium is called Advanced Hex Chrome-free Surface Technologies for Corrosion Protection (TSB file no. 102580). However, the acronym COLM Corrosion of Light Metals) has been adopted for simplification.

    Participating Companies

    Ashton & Moore Ltd
    BAE Systems (Operations) Ltd
    Bombardier Aerospace (Short Brothers plc)
    GE Aviation Systems Ltd
    Indestructible Paints Ltd
    Loughborough University
    Monitor Coatings Ltd
    Poeton Industries Ltd
    Rolls-Royce plc (Lead partner)
    University of Manchester