Def Stan 80-225 IPLV Range

Def Stan 80-225 IPLV Range

Def Stan 80-225 Paint system for military vehicles and non-aircraft equipment. A multi-component low VOC coating available as matt IRR and gloss non IRR Chemical Agent Resistant (CARC) finish.

Technical Information

Product Code: Def Stan 80-225
Class: 3
UN Number: 1263
Country of Origin: GB
Commodity Code: 32089091


This product line is a multi-pack coating system intended to meet the requirements of Defence Standard 80-225. Supplied as a two component primer meeting Type-1 Ferrous or Type-2 Non-Ferrous substrate protection requirements.

Suitable for military vehicles and non-flight Equipment. The coating system is supplied in Matt or Gloss finish to a variety of colours. Chemical Agent Resistance (CARC) and Infra-Red Reflectance (IRR, Matt finishes) are available.

This coating system replaces obsolete Def Stan 80-206, 80-207, 80-208, 80-209 systems and removes toxic hexavalent chrome from the coating system.

Available Primers

IPLVPF1  Type 1  : Primer for Ferrous parts. Colour: currently approx. BS381C: 627 Grey. Replacement for Def Stan 80-206

Required Catalyst: IPLVPCat

IPLVPNF2  Type 2  : Primer for non-Ferrous parts. Colour: approx. 381C: 283 Grey Green. Replacement for Def Stan 80-207 Chromate (which became illegal due to Reach in Jan 2019)

Required Catalyst: IPLVPCat

Available Top Coats

IPLVCarc-2853  CARC Finish. Various colours. Replacement for Def Stan 80-208.

Required Catalyst: IPLVCarc-Cat

IPLVTCGL-2850 IPLVTCGL-2850  Gloss Top coat finish. Various colours. Replacement for Def Stan 80-209.

Required Catalyst: IPLVTC- Cat


Product Name: Def Stan 80-225 IPLV Range

Product Code: IPLV Range

Approvals: Def Stan 80-225

Recommended Thinners: IPLV-THIN

For full details on the correct catalyst, reducer and mixing instructions, please refer to the relevant Technical Data Sheet (TDS) and Application Instruction Sheet

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